Restoring Responsible Leadership in Rowan County

"We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly." - Aristotle


Welcome to the campaign site of David Ermold for Rowan County Clerk. I am running to restore the people's confidence in our clerk’s office and because I believe that the leaders of our community should put the needs of their constituents first, and they should always act with integrity and fairness.


The County Clerk’s duties impact each of our lives, documenting the day we receive our first car, the day we get married, and the day we register to take our kids boating at Cave Run for the first time. We seek out the clerk’s help for information on various life-changing events, and we deserve to have someone in office who will not only process those records responsibly and point us in the direction we need, but someone who also considers the personal well-being of all our citizens.


If elected as Rowan County Clerk, my commitment to you is to restore professional leadership, fairness and responsibility to the office. I will build upon the successes of the past, and I will seek solutions for the challenges we may still face. Responsible leadership takes hard work and dedication. Working together, we can set a standard of excellence that is unmatched in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


Please consider volunteering for our campaign and/or supporting our mission with your donation. Your support will make a difference.


David Ermold